Nerd Tattoos: Computers

At my ripe old age of 26, I can remember when no one had computers.  My family got our first computer ( a hand-me-down) back in 1993.  I still remember it’s black and orange glow well.  And cell phones were the size of pterodactyls…. but don’t let get me get too sentimental.  Now computers are everywhere, and if you take a grown man’s computer away, he will cry like a baby.  There are different sides as well, mac vs. pc, C++ vs. Cobol, etc.  In growing numbers people are beginning to express their computer  love geekishness with tattoos.







Post Script: The first image is by Dave Ward, and you should check out more of his beautiful photography on flickr and on his site.


2 responses to “Nerd Tattoos: Computers

  1. Though I only have two tiny tattoos I am really enjoying your Nerd themed entries. My fella is a computer geek, it made me smile.

  2. what about Nerd Tattoos: Philosophy. A fellow I liked had the Nietzsche quote “Amor Fati” on his back. Do you think people with philosophical quotes are trying too hard to be intellectual? I do. And I have a Buddhist quote and trees permanently inked into my skin.

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