Today’s Picture

Today’s picture is a stunning piece of tattoo inspired art.  It’s from a Russian site so I don’t know any details about the artist, but I’d love to know more.  A really beautiful work.


[image credit: nublog]


4 responses to “Today’s Picture

  1. wow! if this is real then it’s the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time. Would you want to kiss her or just stair at her tongue all night long!

  2. That is beautiful! I want it. I heard tounge tattoos come off after 3 days. Is this true?

    • It is gorgeous, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s photoshopped. It is difficult to get such fine detail in a tattoo, especially considering the irregular surface of the tongue. It’s is my understanding that the only way to get permanent ink on the tongue is to have it injected, otherwise the taste buds prevent the ink from getting deep enough to last.

  3. Oh okay lol, take it i won’t be getting it done then.

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